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On pause due to COVID-19 - We plan to return by November.* Our Promote Positivity store is designed to spread love and positivity worldwide. We've reached 22 US states + 12 countries & counting.

Hello and welcome! My name is Hannah Joy Gebresilassie! I transitioned from working as a TV Reporter to launching my own media platform, HannahJoyTV, along with the promote positivity movement. our mission is to share uplifting content and promote positivity worldwide. We also have a lifestyle brand that goes along with this mission. For more info, click here. #promotepositivityMovement #hannahjoytv

From reporting in Atlanta to Washington, D.C. to Chicago and Southern Illinois, Hannah is determined to continue using video storytelling as a tool to expose stories around the world. Hannah is not only in front of the camera. She also shoots, edits and produces digital media. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Georgia Tech and master’s in Journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. Hannah is a proud first-generation Ethiopian Eritrean American who is passionate about uplifting communities and empowering the youth.